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“Amanda was a huge help to us after my son was born. She gave me great support when I had questions about nursing, and was an amazing support system when my 6 day old had to be admitted to the children’s hospital for monitoring. She remained calm under pressure and was such a reassuring presence throughout our entire hospital stay. I can’t recommend her enough for pre- and post-natal support”
– Megan
“Amanda was my doula for the birth of our baby girl. It was great to have her knowledge and expertise near the end of my pregnancy and through the labor and delivery process. I felt so much better having someone to ask about breastfeeding, early signs of labor and contractions. When my husband was away and I started having 30-second contractions regularly I was nervous he may miss the birth of our daughter, but I was relieved to have Amanda’s advice and presence in case it ended up just her and I there for the delivery. In the end, I had my husband and Amanda there to support me through labor. She was encouraging to me, supportive to my husband and had the perfect amount of involvement. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!”
– Christa
“Amanda O’Gorman is fantastic with infants/babies. I always had complete faith in her ability to care for my babies. Her intuition, knowledge and care were beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Amanda for anything having to do with infants/babies as she is second to none.”
– Judy